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Since 1989, ICC Cold Storage Products and the ICC Mechanical Service teams have provided commercial and industrial refrigeration repair and service all throughout Indiana.

ICC specializes in the service and repair of most major commercial refrigeration brands including True.

As an Authorized Service Agent in Northern Indiana for True Brand Appliances, ICC provides expert & quality refrigeration repair services on a wide range of True Refrigeration Commercial Products.

We have a large network of well trained qualified repair technicians, therefore, promptness with addressing your commercial refrigeration needs will never be an issue.

You can quickly request a quote or schedule a service appointment by giving us a Call 1 (800) 462-5978 or Contact Us today.

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AireChill™ is a low energy commercial & industrial walk-in cooler cooling system solution exclusively designed and installed by ICC. ICC Mechanical Services / ICC Cold Storage Products created this unique commercial & industrial system for medium refrigerator temperatures ranging between 36-41 degrees. Our exclusive product offers a low energy cooling system that can be installed in addition to most existing walk-in cooler refrigeration equipment. It’s a known fact that the electric bill for continually operating a commercial or industrial refrigeration system will eventually become a significant part of a company’s overhead. Not to mention wear and tear costs from hours of run time on this type of equipment. AireChill™ is a simple cooling system solution that reduces energy costs, it’s also an environmentally conscious product as well.

AireChill™ Product Overview

AireChill™ equipped coolers are kept at ~35-40 degrees, 24/7, 365 days a year.

For example, where we are located in Northern Indiana, approximately 40 days of the year, it’s around 35-40 degrees outside. Having your large walk-in cooler’s equipment operating in this type of cold weather is a waste of energy!

ICC’s solution to saving energy is to install ductwork and temperature controlled fans to bring in outdoor cool filtered air when possible, and allow the refrigeration equipment to operate significantly shorter hours per year.

The fans and controls with our AireChill™ system draw only a fraction of the electricity that even small walk-in refrigeration equipment does.

Cost Effective Cooling Solution

As all commercial and industrial coolers tend to be custom built, our AireChill™ system will need to meet our customers needs on a case by case basis, so savings, installation, and maintenance costs will vary.

Also location and climate will make a difference, the more cold days, the more savings. Instead of using unnecessary electricity to cool space on a cold day our AireChill™ system will do the work.

Packaged air conditioning companies have been using a similar method to cool for decades, called economizers. In many applications it proves highly cost effective.

Since 1945, True has become one of the most trusted brands in commercial refrigeration.

Manufactured in the USA, the True commercial brand appliance line includes:

  • Commercial Refrigerator Equipment
  • Food Service Refrigeration Equipment
  • Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment
  • Retail Refrigeration Equipment
  • Refrigerated Glass Door Merchandisers
  • Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Reach In Freezers
  • Coolers
  • Under Counter Refrigeration

What does it mean to be a True Authorized Service Agent?

ICC is a preferred and recommended licensed commercial refrigeration company located in Indiana for True Commercial Refrigeration brand warranty and out of warranty repair.

Our service techs have extensive factory training and knowledge on all True brand commercial appliance equipment.

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